The artist behind the art

Martha R. Johnson is most noted for her creative-innovative use of traditional subjects, on non-traditional surfaces. Martha has found her "gold mine" of the perfect canvas in the salvage yards of San Francisco. Pulling from the remains of these scrap-metal burial grounds, Martha recycles selected sheets of metal, supporting her artistic imagination. Taking home what she sees as her next canvas, she starts the process of preparing the metal for her energetic application of paint. Sanding, grinding, drilling, are the initial steps necessary in preparing her medium. Hours are required for each painting to have the texture and natural coloring of the metals to her perfection. Satisfied the surface of the metal is at it's best Martha applies texture and color with brushes, sponges, and most often her hands.

Martha developed her artist expression in the tradition of a formal education, receiving her Bachelor of Arts degree from a progressive Calif. University. Her artistic interest took her to worldly adventures and foreign studies. Paris, Florence, Venice became her home for enriching lessons of art history. Always looking to further her adventurous style she continues her education in the classroom, as an art teacher at a high school in Petaluma, Ca. Teacher, student, painter, lover of nature, people, and pets, Martha continues to produce original paintings with a whimsical charm and abstract expression.

Martha is available on commission to create custom paintings. Blending her mediums to reach all your senses, on canvas or metal. Martha is appreciated for her unique eye to “see” and talent to weave the scent of a lemon blossom on a warm summer breeze. Submit an idea, photograph, or call to discuss how Martha can paint with your imagination.


The Art of Martha R. Johnson
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