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Pet Portraits

My dogs and family pets hold a prized place in my childhood memories. From "Taffy'” the beagle to "Mr. Bird" the canary, I always remember the love I felt for my furry and feathered friends. Today I still treasure my trusted four legged friends, and continue to find the perfect morning sun for my singing canary "Mozart."  My pets hold a very special place in my days and in my heart.

Knowing there are other pet owners that share my love, I have taken my artistic expression to the canvas with a custom approach to "frame" your pet. Each canvas becomes alive with your pet’s photograph in a collage of color and a style all of it’s own. Starting with your photograph, I brush in colors, attach ideas and blend them all together, sealing the canvas with bee’s wax to create a lasting memory of your cherished pet. All I need from you is a clear, sharp photograph, and any ideas that represent the context of the picture. I look forward to capturing your special furry/feathered friend into a lasting art-piece that can be hung in the family gallery for a lifetime.

Please send your photo to

Include pet's name, and any information that will help me to paint a lasting memory for you.

The Art of Martha R. Johnson
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